Hip Strengthening Exercises- Glute med, max, and hip lateral rotators

Set-Up: Hips stacked, belly button pointed slightly towards floor. Hand on pelvis.

Band around knees *Assure you have adequate load *Maintain neutral spine throughout- try not to arch back at the top *Stack knees over heels

Press knee into wall as hard as you can to get maximal load to hip abductors

Maintain hip extension as you lift top leg *Primary work is in bottom hip abductor *Press feet together between reps to give bottom hip a small break *Maintain good side plank form (see side plank video)

Key Points: *Keep hips level: hip bones will point straight down towards floor; don't side-bend *Its Ok to slightly bend knee as you go down *Set-up: Hold weight in hand opposite stance leg and support in same hand as stance leg

Hip Strengthening- Hip Adduction

*Make it more difficult by placing bench further down leg *Top leg adductor should get a small rest between each rep

Basic Leg Strengthening

Set-up: Weight in OPPOSITE hand from stance leg. Support in SAME hand as stance leg *Increase hip and gluteal work by hanging back off the post and bending more at the waist *Decrease anterior knee loads by hanging back off post and not allowing knee to travel forward as you go down into the squat *Increase knee and quad work by keeping chest up (less hip flexion) and letting knee travel forward as you go down into squat *Keep pelvis level and square *Keep knee pointing forward.

Shoulder Strengthening

Maintain shoulder blade squeeze as you lift palms towards ceiling *Avoid shrugging shoulders *Hold weights that make the exercise appropriately difficult

Thumb points towards ceiling *Maintain 90 degree angle at shoulder as you lift arms *Maintain scapular retraction (shoulder blade squeeze) as you lift arms

Maintain 90/90 degree angle at shoulder and elbow *Maintain scapular retraction (shoulder blade squeeze) as you lift arms and rotate back of hands towards ceiling *Elbow should not move as you rotate forearm *Maintain 90 degree angle at shoulder as you lift arms *Maintain scapular retraction (shoulder blade squeeze) as you lift arms

Thumbs point towards ceiling *Shoulder blades squeeze together as you lift arms *Shoulder blades will slightly shrug towards ears, don't try to pull them down back

Keep shoulder blade back and elbow by side *Elbow should no move *Move through mid-range *Should fatigue in back of shoulder blade by 10-15 reps

Raise arm 90 degrees *Elbow does not move as you rotate forearm to be perpendicular to the floor

Don't let hand drift across body as you punch forward *Shoulder blade comes out and around rib cage as you punch forward *Pull shoulder blade back as you return to start position

Forearm shoulder stay perpendicular to floor as you reach overhead; “Keep elbow in”

Core Strengthening Exercises

Maintain neutral spine throughout the exercise *Make it easier by starting with the foam roll further up your shin

Modify by performing on knees *Maintain trunk alignment as you move arms/ball (forward/back, CW, CCW)

Stack shoulder over elbow *Stay extended at hip (don't bend at the hip)

Maintain hip and spine alignment as you rotate *Set-up with side plank (see side plank video)

Maintain neutral spine by tilting pelvis to resist gravity pulling you into extension (arched back) *Perform mini sit-up by pressing low back into the ball *Keep inner core muscles engaged by pulling belly button in towards spine *Support head with one hand *Make it harder by putting both hands behind head and by placing ball further down back

Clamshell Series(Posterolateral hip activating exercises)

Hip Hinge Squat Drill

Hip/Glute - Dominant Single Leg Squat Drills

Foot and Ankle Strengthening

***Calf raises and wight baring exercises coming soon…