Established in 2015 with the goal of patient centered, quality sports and orthopedic care in Missoula, MT

Our Mission

Here at Endurance Physio our mission is to help you get back to what you love as quickly as possible and stronger than before. This goal is achieved through a collaborative effort between the patient and provider. Once you walk in our door, you are part of the Endurance Physio family. Your success is our success.

Endurance Physio is a private outpatient physical therapy practice offering progressive, one-on-one rehabilitation for people with physical limitations related to accident, injury or disease.  Located in downtown Missoula, MT, Endurance Physio is easily accessible, features modern equipment and the 1500 sq ft facility has been designed to provide quality, comprehensive rehabilitation, and sports conditioning. The goal at Endurance Physio is to accelerate your recovery for a safe return to full activity as soon as possible.

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All photography provided by Tom Robertson