Meet Hilary, she's our engine


If you haven't been into the clinic and met Hilary, you should. Hilary has been with Endurance Physio since the beginning and is a total rockstar. Let me tell you why. When we opened Endurance Physio this past summer, one of our goals was to keep all aspects of running the clinic in house. We did this so we could fully understand the dynamic health care environment and how it directly affects our patients. To make that possible, Hilary manages our medical billing, patient care coordinating, scheduling, daily clinic operations and is always smiling. She will answer the phone and answer ALL of your questions and if she doesn't have the answer, she will find it. One of the benefits of receiving PT at a small sports and orthopedic clinic is all of your questions will all be answered by one person. This is your person. We are so very fortunate to have her. She keeps this clinic up running.