Endurance Physio is Taking Care of Missoula Moms

Tara Mund, DPT, Endurance Physio’s pelvic health specialist, is committed to helping moms get back to doing the activities they love. Pregnancy and childbirth can pose many challenges for a women’s body. When it’s time to get back to being physically active, many moms are left confused as to what to do and when to start. There are also other common factors such as C-section delivery, diastasis rectus abdominus, and urinary incontinence that further complicate this decision. Although tempting, putting on your old running shoes and heading straight out for a jog is not your best plan for safely getting back into shape.

Tara emphasizes the importance of first building foundational strength with focus on pelvic floor, core, hip, and postural muscles. Pelvic health physical therapy can provide you with a systematic, individualized plan to get back to all of your previous activities feeling strong and confident.

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Tara hiking with her two kids this summer

Tara hiking with her two kids this summer


Contact Endurance Physio to make an appointment (926-2150), or email Tara with any questions at Endurancephysiotara@gmail.com.